From the recording WHO IS YOUR PAUL?



He just kicked in your front door;
He just punched a hole in your wall.
He’s done all of this before –
More times than you’d like to recall.

She smoothly picked your pocket;
Even swiped your debit card.
Stole all you had and hocked it.
Then, she bankrupted your heart.

Could be your brother or your sister,
Could be your husband or your wife,
Could be your son or your daughter,
Could be anyone in your life.

Their backs are to the wall;
They feel so alone and so small,
As they struggle to recall
Life before drugs and alcohol.

Prison can’t cure addiction;
Never has and never will.
Addiction is an affliction
Requiring God’s surgical skill.

If God was able to save Saul,
Then God is able to save Paul.
God can save anyone at all.
Who is your Paul?
Who is your Paul?
Pray for Paul.
Pray for Paul.

Copyright © 2014 Lex Zaleta