Available albums

You can find all of these albums at the best online music stores.  All of my work had been distributed through Tunecore to iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, ShockHound, Lala, GroupieTunes, Napster, Spotify, and AmazonMP3, and more, but I am in the process of shifting all distribution over to CDBaby and Indigo Boom..

For those among us who still prefer a hard copy of their music, all of these albums are  available directly from Bleeding, Inc. for $6.99 U.S. each with
no charge for shipping and handling.  Send a check or money order to: 

          Lex Zaleta
          565 Layport Drive
          Sebastian, FL 32958  USA

If it's more convenient, you can usePayPal to order online (my PayPal e-mail account is LZALETA@prodigy.net).

Diana Ludwig graciously supplied the superb artwork for FILLING IN FOR JESUS and TOUGH'S NOT ENOUGH.  You won't believe the effects she gets with her experimental paper-negative cyano photographs.  Please visit her at


That's one of Diana's photographs on the WHAT'S A GUY GOTTA DO? album cover too.  It's the photo just off the clown's left shoulder (not the clown with the red hair; the one with the cowboy hat and guitar). 

Clara Natoli took the marvelous photo that became the SHADOW PEOPLE cover, and I thank her for it.  Much later, she contributed the unusual photo that is now the cover of SMALL TRACES OF TRUTH.

Ms. Batsceba Hardy supplied all of the artwork for the ASKING FOR FOREVER album and SAY SOMETHING IN POETRY.  You can find her dazzling photographs at


I had very cordial and creative help with the cover art for NO PLACE LIKE HOME:
Cover art and design ©2010 Lemmy V. lemmy-x.deviantart.com
Original images: ©2009 bstocked.deviantart.com 
©2005 mr-frenzy.deviantart.com 
©2007 djpstock.deviantart.com

The album artwork for THE KEY is courtesy of and property of  Rolffimages / Dreamstime.com

The fractal work that glitters all over the cover of SIGNS AND WONDERS is the property of Phil Hudak.  Phil also created the superb FREE cover. You can peruse and purchase much of his fractal art at:


Casey Tritch is the talented young photographer who allowed me to use one of his crispest shots for the cover of THIS CUP.  He can be reached at caseytritch@hotmail.com

Mr. Claudiu Nenu supplied the photograph and art work for the cover of THE HOPIN' ROAD.  You can find this talented man at www.ClaudiuNenu.com or 

The cover for LEFT BEHIND is courtesy of Ms. Julée San.

PLAYING THE GHOST's unusual cover art is courtesy of Ms. Vanessa Ryan   VanessaRyan1970@yahoo.com

Top-flight pro photographer Curtis Salonick shot the photo of my dad's military gravesite at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery that is the cover of WRITTEN IN STONE.   You can reach Curtis at gothic@salonick.com

The stunning cover photo for I WANT TO BE THERE is courtesy of Vladimir Sedmik v.sedmik@gmail.com

All of the cover art for EVERYMAN was created by Carroll P. MacDonald.  Visit his site for a burst of creativity at www.cpmacdonald.info

All of the cover art for QUIET IN THE COURTROOM was created by Mr. Carroll P. MacDonald.  His work can be commissioned at www.cpmacdonald.info

The album artwork for THE LAST is courtesy of Mr. Bruno Lindentals (darkdex52 at www.deviantart.com)

Album artwork for TWO SOULS IN FLIGHT courtesy of Rune Tjelte (shroomer83.deviantart.com)