About Us

"Us" is "Me," I suppose.

The Lord has blessed me with the gift of words, but He has withheld every other musical gift in a rare display of cosmic humor.  Fortunately, I was born without ego, so I've blazed my way through several hundred songs that feature my alleged vocals.  More fortunately, I've had a boatload of real musicians do my songs up right - folks like Bret Alexander and the Badlees, King Arthur, Mick Burch, Jeff Carson, ChordSlinger, Jan Destner, Dusty Drake and Galen Breen, Jason Eustice, Fredie Frost, Sharon Guinn, Texas Jake, Kephas, Ronnie Kimball, Sait Koray, Jeremy Raboin, Loren Risker, Self Tort, Syngularity, Murray Wilde, and Michael Winter.

Sex, drugs, fame, fortune ... nope ... my only goal with my music is to sign my first substantial royalty check over to my father who is still a roofer at 87.*  So, come on, you wily A&R men!  Pick a few songs soon (the clock is ticking louder each day for me and for my father).  I know it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy to do a good deed for my dad, and you just might get a hit song in the deal.

* My dad suffered a severe stroke on November 6, 2008, and my mom suffered a stroke two days later.  My father passed away on November 14 and was buried with full military honors (he was the recipient of six Bronze Stars and a Silver Star during World War II) on November 18, 2008 at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.  My mom has recovered enough to be moved to Birchwood Rehabilitation/Nursing Center in Nanticoke, PA.  A free download of my song for my dad, "Going Home," is available on the ALBUM STORE page under the SHADOW PEOPLE album.

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