From the recording WHO IS YOUR PAUL?

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“Need a lift?” Weed asked with a grin
As he swung the door open wide.
“Sure!” I replied and jumped right in.
“I do appreciate the ride.”

Weed took me down back country roads
In his most relaxed driving style.
In between laughing episodes,
I nodded off for a brief while.

I rubbed my eyes as the smoke cleared
And found I’d been kicked to the curb.
A flashy red Corvette appeared –
License plate read, “DO NOT DISTURB!”

Pain Pills asked, “Do you need some friends?
Are you heading for the next town?”
I said, “I don’t know. That depends.
I’m going anywhere but down.”

Cost more and more to fill this tank
Now so seldom satiated.
My once clever mind drew a blank;
My petty crimes escalated.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch,
Or so I’ve more than once been told.
One quick kick and one sucker punch,
And I was back out in the cold.

I awoke to a honking horn –
Heroin in an old Honda.
Built a little like Jason Bourne;
His grip like an anaconda.

He zipped onto the drug freeway,
Needle pushing past ninety-five.
It’s easy to be led astray
When your soul is barely alive.

Raced past friends, family, and God,
Exits I wish I had taken.
Me and H, two peas in a pod,
On the mainline to forsaken.

Blue lights mixed in with white and red
Suddenly were all around us.
One moment, I was almost dead;
Next on a prison transport bus.

Some lessons come easy, some hard,
But there’s always a price to pay.
Out there in the cold prison yard,
I discovered the drug-free way.

Now that I’m back out on the road,
I’ll heed all of those rest-stop signs
Fr family and friends who showed
Me how to drive within the lines.

Now, I’m a clean, productive man,
Making the most of every day.
No chemicals in my new plan;
My new road is the drug-free way.

Yes, I am drug-free today –
And drug-free I plan to stay.
The only way is the drug-free way.
The only way is the drug-free way.

Copyright © 2014 Lex Zaleta