From the recording QUIET IN THE COURTROOM

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Quiet in the courtroom,
Fear on every face.
Each sentence can spell doom
In this foreboding place.

I don’t know which is worse,
To be me or my son;
Hearing chapter and verse
Of misdeeds he has done.

His life can be over,
Though it has just begun.
There’s no four-leaf clover;
No lucky streak to run.

Victim of an old grudge,
He now must sit and wait.
One kind word from this judge
Can keep him from his fate.

She holds both life and death
In the scale in her hand.
And, in a single breath,
We’ll hear what she has planned.

Quiet in the courtroom;
The sentence comes on down.
Echoes through the courtroom,
As justice does resound.

Copyright © 2014 Lex Zaleta