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<br />
The great gray sky loomed large overhead;<br />
The late Jay Fry lay cold and dead.<br />
Fate had lingered and then fled;<br />
Fortune nodded, then turned and sped<br />
To the great gray sky overhead.<br />
<br />
The late Jay Fry was a good enough guy,<br />
Not too forward, not too shy.<br />
Never one to pass a sure thing by;<br />
He bet his life on the great gray sky,<br />
The great gray sky that is always nearby.<br />
<br />
Don&rsquo;t hate Jay Fry for what he&rsquo;s done;<br />
He couldn&rsquo;t wait to have his fun.<br />
His battle&rsquo;s lost, his battle&rsquo;s won.<br />
He can&rsquo;t count the clouds that blot the sun,<br />
Now that the great gray sky is number one.<br />
<br />
I&rsquo;d rate Jay Fry an above-average man,<br />
Always a gate crasher, never an also ran.<br />
A steady fellow, no flash in the pan,<br />
With a ready autograph for any fan.<br />
He was a great gray sky kind of man.<br />
<br />
Now, the late Jay Fry lies cold and dead,<br />
And I&rsquo;m here praying for my daily bread.<br />
There&rsquo;s nothing left to say, it&rsquo;s all been said.<br />
No one left to save; we&rsquo;re already dead.<br />
And the great gray sky looms large overhead.<br />
The great gray sky looms large overhead.<br />
<br />
<br />
Copyright &copy; 2002 Lex Zaleta <br />