From the recording TAKE A GOOD LOOK

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I saw you on the highway, as I was driving in my car;<br />
You always appeared to be the pretty woman from afar.<br />
Then one day it happened, just as I made my pass.<br />
You looked over at me, and I smiled through the tinted glass.<br />
I guess it must have been when you smiled too,<br />
That I started waking up,<br />
Waking up to you.<br />
<br />
The months went by, and so did we, almost every day;<br />
I guess even traveling folks need some time to play.<br />
Then one day I saw you, standing by the side of the road,<br />
With that broken-down look in your eyes,<br />
And a car that needed to be towed<br />
Somewhere on that ride to repair, I got my first true clue,<br />
That I was waking up,<br />
Waking up to you.<br />
<br />
On our very first date, I watched you through the candlelight;<br />
We talked for hours and hours, long into the night.<br />
My tell-tale heart was beating right in time with yours,<br />
The stars took our souls on several celestial tours.<br />
We danced into forever, but long before the night was through, I knew<br />
That I was waking up,<br />
Waking up to you.<br />
<br />
Now, the wedding bells have faded, but our love goes on and on;<br />
And I know we&rsquo;ll be together, long after our youth is gone.<br />
Each and every morning, I know what I was born to do,<br />
I was meant to spend my life waking up to you.<br />
Waking up to you,<br />
Waking up to you.<br />
<br />
<br />
Copyright &copy; 2000 Lex Zaleta<br />