1. Scary Tales

From the recording TAKE A GOOD LOOK

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Seven seasick sailors<br />
Sailed out upon the sea,<br />
Searching for the very souls<br />
Who have escaped eternity.<br />
One wore a bandanna,<br />
One wore a clean shirt,<br />
Two brought their revolvers,<br />
Saying, &ldquo;No one will get hurt!&rdquo;<br />
Two brought ripe bananas,<br />
Saying, &ldquo;We&rsquo;ll smoke &lsquo;em when we&rsquo;re through.&rdquo;<br />
I just brought a bottle<br />
To get this note to you,<br />
&lsquo;Cause I just gotta warn you:<br />
Scary tales can come true.<br />
<br />
The first thing on that ocean<br />
That we did spy,<br />
Was a carousel of criminals<br />
All in coat and tie.<br />
We watched them travel on<br />
That merry go round of sin.<br />
They all disappeared,<br />
They all came back again.<br />
They all had different faces;<br />
They all were the same men.<br />
One was an attorney;<br />
One a doctor of death.<br />
Two were big businessmen<br />
Dealing in crystal meth.<br />
Two were pro athletes<br />
Saying, &ldquo;Why would we save your life?<br />
We&rsquo;d much rather be<br />
With your charming wife.&rdquo;<br />
The last rider sat on a pale horse.<br />
He wore an iron mask,<br />
But I knew him, of course.<br />
He stared out in the distance,<br />
But spoke directly to you.<br />
He said, &ldquo;I just want to warn you,<br />
Scary tales can come true.&rdquo;<br />
<br />
Now, every day it&rsquo;s been the same<br />
Till way past dark.<br />
Now I see this whole world as<br />
One big amusement park.<br />
We all buy our tickets,<br />
Looking for the next big thrill.<br />
We never even saw<br />
The top of the hill.<br />
I don&rsquo;t really know if<br />
Any of this is getting through,<br />
But I just had to warn you:<br />
Scary tales can come true.<br />
Scary tales can come true.<br />
<br />
They could happen to you.<br />
<br />
<br />
Copyright &copy; 1999 Lex Zaleta<br />