From the recording WRITTEN IN STONE



In his hand he held wisdom's pearls,
So I thought it best to ask him:
"When will there be peace in the world,
Or is that just a worn-out maxim?"
He stepped down from his tractor,
And his mini-sermon did start:
"There will be beauty in the character
When there is righteousness in the heart."

Puzzled by his obscure reply,
I questioned his lack of reason.
I looked him squarely in the eye,
And said, "No man's righteous, not one!"
His wise stare pierced my chromosomes
Like words from a consummate actor:
"There will be harmony in the home
When there is beauty in the character."

Again I fought against his words,
His foreign concept of beauty.
I said, "Maybe you haven't heard --
Modern man has no sense of duty."
He continued his conversation
Like he was reciting a poem:
"There will be order in the nation
When there is harmony in the home."

"But we have so many broken homes,
Not like those Waltons way back when.
Today's fathers have chosen to roam,
Rather than care for their children."
Like worry beads, he rubbed his pearls,
Then made this bold proclamation:
"There will be peace in the world
When there is order in the nation."

"But we are all nations divided
By race, religion, and greed.
It's pretty much decided --
Our destruction is guaranteed."
He turned back to his farm machine,
Clutching his pearls to his chest.
"Go, my son, wash yourself clean;.
Looks like it's time for the harvest.
Go, my son, wash yourself clean;
It's almost time for the harvest."

Copyright © 2012 Lex Zaleta