From the recording WRITTEN IN STONE

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Courage is contagious,
Cowardice is too.
Often the outrageous
Is what gets you through.

Laugh at adversity;
March on through the pain.
Don't embrace self pity,
Or curse the hard rain.

Tap dance to tomorrow;
Don't slink there in fear.
Don't seek pain or sorrow;
You've got enough right here.

Dark times come to us all
Every now and then.
When you stumble and fall,
Get back up again.

Know it's never easy
To keep up the fight.
Fear can make you queasy,
Make you doubt what's right.

We don't know where we're going;
We don't know where we've been.
We'll reap those seeds we're sowing,
But we just don't know when.

The only thing written in stone
Sits on your final resting place --
The last pit stop for flesh and bone;
The flag at the end of your race.

Copyright © 2012 Lex Zaleta