From the recordings THIS IS WHO I AM Volume Two and THIS CUP



The wolves didn’t need a menu;
Lunch was already served.
They were a hungry, curious crew
As they spoke these few words:
“Why did they pin those sins on you
And drive you from the herd?”
The scapegoat answered soft and true,
“I get what you deserve.”

“You’re no king!” the angry mob cried;
Kept nothing in reserve.
They shouted questions as they tried
Their best to test His Nerve.
“Why let yourself be crucified?”
“What purpose does that serve?”
And Jesus quietly replied,
“I get what you deserve.”

Go where the grapes of wrath are stored;
Be sure they’re well preserved.
Follow the straight and narrow Word;
God’s Highway doesn’t curve.
And when you come to Heaven’s Door,
Your joy will be observed.
You’ll be able to tell the Lord,
“I get what You deserve.”

Copyright © 2006 Lex Zaleta