From the recording MADE IN HEAVEN

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Good old boy Jethro
Sitting on Death Row
Let crystal meth go
Straight to his brain

Johnny’s on the spot
He got himself caught
Twenty pounds of pot
Baggies of cocaine

There’s my old friend Jill
Chasing some new thrill
Moving a few pills
Closer to insane

Here comes Captain Jack
Can’t get enough crack
Can’t get back on track
Riding that drug train

Oh, poor Sarah in
Bed with heroin
Blind to the peril in
Blotting out her pain.

Don’t need al Qaeda, communists, or cartels
To destroy our once-proud country
The real enemy is the one who sells
Poison to the slaves who once were free

Any kind of chemical will do
Brand name, home grown, generic –uh –
They all pledge allegiance to
The altered states of America.

Copyright © 2017 Lex Zaleta