From the recording MADE IN HEAVEN

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I’d see you in the cafeteria,
And I’d pass you in the hall.
By just about any criteria,
We hardly ever talked at all.
Then came the Senior Auction,
And I won you with the highest bid.
We agreed ‘neath the setting sun:
“We talk more now than we ever did.”

Those high school days were just the start
Of so many happy years.
Love was beating in my heart;
Wedding bells ringing in my ears.
When I sat on your hospital bed
While you gently nursed our first kid,
I remember that we both said,
“We talk more now than we ever did.”

Life is full of surprises
Up around every bend.
Sometimes all that survives is
A memory from “way back when.”
Just another drunk driver
Weaving home from a party.
That stoned sole survivor
Stole you away from me.

Now, I visit your tombstone
(Been coming here for years).
Sweetheart, I can’t leave you alone
In this graveyard full of fears.

Those aren’t tears upon my cheeks,
Just rain falling from my eyelids.
I know what you’d say if you could speak:
“We talk more now than we ever did.”

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