Ah, my trusty 1998 Metro! Twenty years and all 3 cylinders are still working.

This may well be my last car. When I die, just roll up the windows and lower me down.



I prayed to the Lord,
Said, “I want a Porsche!”
The Lord said, “Of course ya do.”

I answered the Lord,
“I don’t want to force ya,
But could you please make it blue?”

He spoke down to me,
Said, “There’s no need to plead;
I think I know what’s best for you.”

The Lord continued:

“I don’t want to steal your thunder,
But if I made that blunder,
It wouldn’t be any wonder
You’d be a highway hero
Like some NASCAR Nero
Fiddling straight from zero
To six feet under.”

“I’ve seen you on the freeway
With your make-room-for-me way
Always later than yesterday
Always playing rushing roulette
Placing one more high-speed bet
Seeing how fast you can get
From zero to six feet under.”

“You’re a lunatic driver
Always a late arriver
You’re like some limbo diver
I know how low you can go
So I will have to say NO
No, I won’t let you go
From zero to six feet under.”

So, I’m stuck with my old ride
And my sorely wounded pride
That’s impossible to hide
I use premium octane
Seeking some horsepower gain
But my Metro will never go
From zero to six feet under.

Copyright © 2017 Lex Zaleta